Vow Writing Service
Whether your wedding, civil partnership declaration or commitment ceremony is a lavish spectacle , a casual gathering, or an intimate occasion, the essence of the ceremony is the quiet, simple, and unassuming moment when you recite your vows. Your vows are both the central point and the high point of your ceremony and therefore they deserve careful consideration and a great deal of thought

Your vows are the most important part of the ceremony for a number of reasons

    For weddings and civil partnership declaration ceremonies they incorporate the legally binding part of the ceremony, they create your marriage or your partnership
    They are the emotionally binding part of the ceremony, whether or not it is a legal  ceremony
    They are a statement of the terms on which you begin your life together
    They are your performance targets - the standard you aspire to in your relationship

Done well, your vows create an emotional experience for everyone present. They speak to your hearts and to your loving intentions toward one another, together with your deep declarations of love and commitment, in simple, honest words.

Done badly they can make your guests squirm, roll their eyes, or laugh with embarrassment.

While writing your own vows is become the norm, so that guests tend to expect that your vows will be personal it can be difficult to put your thoughts into a succinct statement, and that's where I come in.

As an experienced marriage celebrant (officiant) and author of How to Write Vows that Wow, The Gay Groom's Guide to Writing Your Vows, and The Lesbian Bride's Guide to Writing Your Vows (all available from,  I work with couples on a daily basis to ensure that their vows say what is in their hearts. 

Whether you want help with your legal vows, or with a personal statement of your love and commitment; whether you both want to make the same vow, or different ones, my Vow Writing Ceremony can help you achieve  the vows of your dreams.

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