Do-It-Yourself Commitment Ceremonies
As one of South East Queensland's most creative marriage celebrants I am both gay-positive and expert at creating personal and very romantic commitment ceremonies that respectfully honour the relationship. I take as much trouble with script-only ceremonies as I do with those at which I officiate.

Where, for whatever reason, you cannot or do not wish to legally marry, a commitment ceremony gives you the opportunity to speak your commitment in the presence of family and friends

For more information about the commitment ceremonies I officiate

There are three main types of commitment ceremony:
  • A 'public'ceremony (sometimes called a pink wedding) in which a couple makes a commitment to one another as partners for life with all the trimmings of a white wedding
  • A similar ceremony that also celebrates that the couple has formalized their relationship in a civil union, civil partnership, or registered relationship
  • A private ceremony for a couple who wish to make a formal commitment with no witnesses or guests.
The ceremony will be purpose-written for you and based on information you provide through completing a Ceremony Workbook. The ceremony may also include a reading and/or a simple ritual.

You will be provided with a beautifully presented keepsake copy of the ceremony suitable for reading from on the day.  A commemorative certificate is also a nice touch. A PDF file for a print-it-yourself certificate is included in the ceremony fee. Alternatively, for a modest additional charge you can order a beautifully printed certificate provided in a certificate holder instead of the printable PDF files.

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